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For unique experiences!

With our mobile games, we can offer you a unique and exciting team building activity that we carry out at your place, and is perfect for a company party, conference, stag/hen party or other event. The mobile game is conducted as a team competition and involves solving tricky puzzles and problems in time using logical thinking and cooperation.

The activity is suitable for between 20-100 people and takes between 60-90 minutes. The game can be tailored to your needs and wishes, and is given in both Swedish and English.

Price: SEK 250 per person (minimum 15 people).
A delivery fee may be added outside of Helsingborg.



Powerful chemical bombs have been planted in central train stations worldwide, Can you stop The Mask's evil plan?

10-30 Players
Level of difficulty
1h / course


The bag is a different team building activity, Which team will be the first to solve all the tasks in the bag and be the first to get the code to the safe?

10-100 Players
Level of difficulty
1h / course
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